You don’t need good credit to get a loan from us!

Take advantage of our fast and simple bad credit loan services. Our brokers are here to help you improve your financial life, so you can get back on track. Speed of action, transparency and honesty are our main values, so you can trust us to help you when times are tough.

We provide the money you need to pay:

Emergencies and Medical Bills

We are here to assist you in getting out of a financial crisis as quickly as possible. With our emergency loans, you may cover medical and emergency expenses.

Rent and Utility Bills

Are you having difficulty sleeping at night because your unpaid rent and utility bills are on your mind? With our online Microloans, you can relieve yourself from these financial worries!

Unexpected Expenses

Your vehicle broke down or your phone isn’t working? You may borrow money before your next pay cheque arrives with our Payday loan!

We provide the best online loan services in Canada!

When Canadians need a short-term financial solution, our team is in high demand. We work with licensed private lenders, which means we can provide more flexible and less expensive alternatives than a traditional loan providers. It makes no difference if your credit is good or bad; we will assist you in obtaining the cash you require:


  • Super fast and easy 3-step application.
  • We do not require credit checks or upfront fees.
  • More than 17 years of experience.
  • Cash directly into your bank account via Interac money transfer.
  • Receive your money within 24 hours.
  • Excellent costumer service.

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No credit check loans

A no credit check loan is one that does not assess your credit score before giving you a loan. This means that even if you have a bad credit history, you may still apply for this sort of financing and be accepted for it. No credit check loans are an excellent alternative to traditional bank loans.

This sort of loan is referred to as a short-term loan since it is based on your current income rather than your previous earnings. Because it is based on your present situation, not your past history, it falls into the category of short-term loans. All you have to do now is demonstrate that you can pay back and get your money right.


Payday Loans

A payday loan is a small-scale lending that may be used to cover unanticipated expenditures or sudden financial needs. You typically have to repay the advance after a few weeks.

Payday loans are generally processed in a matter of hours, and you can usually expect to get the money within 24 hours. To apply for a payday loan, you must provide some basic information, such as your job history and earnings, as well as your bank account details.

Payday loans have several advantages, some of which are as follows:

– No credit check needed

– Fast and simple approval process

– No collateral required

– Quick access to cash




A microloan is a small-scale personal loan that offers cash up front based on the borrower’s projected future income. The money is typically paid back on the following pay day with interest. Microlending may be used for unexpected expenditures such as automobile repairs or medical expenses. They are also utilized to cover basic living costs, such as housing or utility bills.

Microloans are small loans that are given to individuals who need money right away. The application procedure is typically quick and simple, and the funds can be deposited into your bank account the next business day.

Emergency Loan

Unexpected events, such as a medical emergency, frequently have you wondering how you’ll pay your bills – Many people do not have an emergency fund set aside for these circumstances:

A short-term or emergency loan may be an option for you. These loans are generally smaller amounts of money that can be utilized to cover unanticipated expenditures. We make loans between 300 and 3000 dollars to individuals in need of financial assistance due to unforeseen circumstances such as medical problems or other expenditures.


What do I need to qualify for a bad credit loan?

If you live in Canada and have a poor credit, you may be concerned that you won’t be eligible for a loan. But we specialize in assisting individuals with bad credit in obtaining the loans they require at!

All you need in order to qualify for one of our loans is to:

  1. – Be a Canadian citizen
  2. – Be over 18 years old
  3. – Not be in bankruptcy


I meet all of these requirements – how can I apply for a bad credit loan?


Get your bad credit loan in three steps!

If you are in need of quick and easy financial help and the bank has turned you down, look no further! With our quick and easy 3-step application process  you can save serious time and travel!  Apply now and receive your bad credit loan within the next 24 hours!

1. Send us your information

Fill out our short application and wait for a reply from one of our experienced brokers.

2. Receive your approval

Once your application was approved, you will instantly receive your loan agreement.  After you sign and return it, we will instantly send you your money.

3. Receive your money

Your loan will be deposited directly into your bank account within 24 hours via Interac money transfer.

What are the conditions to apply?

Despite the fact that we don’t conduct credit checks and our loans are simpler to acquire than those provided by conventional banks, our clients must satisfy certain requirements:

  • We require a checking accounts with history of three months or more. This information is used to determine whether or not a customer can pay off a credit.
  • A full-time job for 3 months or more.
  • You can not currently be in bankruptcy.

We’ll need a photo identification (to avoid identity theft) and a proof of address (such as a utility bill or rental agreement) to ensure that your account is in good standing.

Is there a credit check? believes your present is more important than your past. This is why we do not perform credit checks in order for you to obtain a loan!

When will I receive my loan?


After getting approved by one of our brokers, you can expect your loan to be deposited into your bank account within 24 hours.

We are offering our services in:

  • British Columbia
  • Sasketchewan
  • Manitoba
  • Alberta


  • Ontario
  • Nova Scotia
  • New Brunswick
  • Prince Edward Island

What can a bad credit loan in Canada be used for?



At some time in their life, many Canadians will find themselves in a financial bind – especially as the worldwide pandemic progresses some Canadians need a little financial assistance. We think that someone with a bad credit should never be prevented from getting the help they deserve. We also believe in simple and rapid processing, excellent customer service, and accessibility.
If you ever find yourself in a bind with no money and have to deal with unpaid bills or unforeseen circumstances that demand a little cash, we can help!

Listed below are some of the most frequent use cases of our loans:

Car Payments/Repair Costs

Unfortunately, things break, including automobiles, laptops, phones and other essential items in our homes that must be repaired immediately. Unfortunately, repairs may end up being more costly than anticipated on occasion, causing you to fall behind on several debts.
For Canadians who are finding themselves in this situation, we offer a unique and innovative solution: Micro Loans. Micro loans are small-scale financial loans that do not require a credit check and which typically go through the procedure quickly. This makes them ideal for unforeseen expenditures like a damaged vehicle.

We all must pay our rents to avoid headaches and tension with the landowner. We may need to use a portion of the supposed rent money for other costs, which might result in an unpaid bill and a negative credit impact. Fortunately, our payday loans provide a quick solution. They enable you to borrow any amount between 300 dollars and 3000 dollars, so  you won’t have to worry about paying your rent.

Medical Bills
Whether it’s you, a family member, or a pet that needs surgery or medication – unexpected medical expenditures may be an intimidating scenario. We want to assist you avoid these sorts of sentiments by providing emergency no credit check loans to Canadians. Unlike a bank, we won’t need you to pass a credit check or supply lots of papers. You can easily apply for a loan from the comfort of your home without the hassle you would experience at a traditional banking institution.

Gifts or Holidays

We all want to see the smile of a loved one during the holiday season or on a special occasion with our spouse. We all want to make sure we do something nice for them – whether it’s with a present or simply a little holiday – when holiday time comes around or on special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries. If you feel like these gestures are going to overburden your finances a little too much this time, and you don’t want to put yourself in the position of not being able to pay other critical bills, our short-term loans may be ideal for you since they allow you to borrow money until your next paycheque arrives.

We are here for you and your financial needs.

Questions? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us! We are happy to help!